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Mercury Retrograde Summer 2018 Astrology Predictions That Will Help You Get Through This Particularly Rough Time

And if you give into the fear of the retrograde, you might manifest the negative effects of a retrograde . So keep your chin up, keep your plans intact, and put up a fight for the next three weeks. Instead of cancelling your plans or rerouting your trips, spend a little time preparing for mishaps so you can make it through the summer undefeated. Just because Mercury's backward motion might be creating travel delays, computer crashes, and epic communication struggles, you can still make sure any summer plans you have go off without a hitch. Thinking ahead, making small adjustments, and mentally preparing yourself will help you keep things moving forward. As astrologist Linda Furiate tells Bustle, despite what you may be conditioned to fear about Mercury retrograde, it actually offers a lot of great opportunities to grow and to improve self worth. "Mercury retrograde is not to be feared," Furiate says. "It is a time to revisit many aspects of our lives, and to gain insight into how something may continue to serve our higher self." On Jul. 26, at 1:03 a.m. EST, Mercury , the planet that rules all forms of communication, will station retrograde in the zodiac sign of Leo. According to Furiate, "since Mercury rules communication, our thinking process and the mind, this will be an excellent time to focus on what we want." So, while we should all definitely get the ball rolling with this thought process, Furiate also says we shouldn't "‘act upon’ our desires until Mercury is once again moving forward after Aug.

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