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New York Times -- Basics To Consider

He may bash and beat up on the Times, and her, but he inevitably returns to her to share his thinking and participate in interviews. He does so because, in addition to having known her for so long, he knows that she matters, that she will not treat him with kid gloves but not be unfair either, that she commands the respect of the political communities in both Washington and New York. "I think he respects her diligence, her fairness, her intelligence and the investment she's put into the relationship," said Michael Barbaro, a colleague of Haberman's at the Times. At Trump Grill, Haberman listened, asked questions, took notes. She insisted on paying her own bill. Days later, Nunberg followed up and offered her the chance to break the news about Trump's announcement. It was the kind of major scoop any reporter would covet, the chance to get ahead on what would quickly become the biggest story in politics. Haberman declined. She had covered Trump in 2011, when he teased a presidential bid to create a media circus and garner attention, and she wasn't going to get played again.

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