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At Uber, New Questions Arise About Executive Behavior

Harford later told colleagues that he regretted his phrasing, his comments struck many on the call as insensitive about race. They said it was part of a pattern by Mr. Harford in which he talked about women or minorities. Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s chief executive, has addressed the matter directly with Mr. Harford, two employees said. “People learn, companies learn, C.E.O.s learn,” he said in a statement.CreditMichele Tantussi/Getty Images They said Uber employees had since filed several informal and formal complaints to the human resources department, the head of diversity and other top executives about Mr. Harford’s behavior. Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s chief executive, was also notified and has addressed the matter directly with Mr. Harford, two Uber employees said. The conduct is surfacing as Uber has been trying to turn itself around after a tumultuous 2017.

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All were African-American, and some may have been former slaves. It is rare to discover an African-American cemetery from this time best online shopping sites for women's clothing period, but rarer still to find a grave site of black prisoners from the convict lease era, said Ken Brown, a professor at the University of Houston who specializes in African-American archaeology. “You have a chance to study what the actual bone material has to say about what life was like — we know it was crappy, we know it was tough — but what impact does all of that have on the body?” he said. Researchers hope to run tests that could tell which diseases the prisoners lived with, what kind of foods they ate and where they grew up. “It really does change the history books in Texas,” said Reign Clark, a lead archaeologist on site. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery in 1865, except as punishment for a crime. Several Southern states, including Texas, used this exception to outsource prisoners for labor, Mr. Brown said. Texas first “leased” out prisoners for caretaking on plantations and later took over the land as state-run prison farms, Mr. Brown said.

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Inside the Trinitarios: How a Gang Feud Led to the Death of a Teenager

The fighting has intensified in recent months and comes several years after federal investigators dismantled the gang’s hierarchy. At least 10 other people were maimed in June in tit-for-tat attacks among warring Trinitario factions in the Bronx. The conflict highlights a law-enforcement dilemma: When prosecutors take down gang leaders, the remaining members — who are often younger and more rash — are left to fight for control and turf, leaving a trail of death and bloodshed. The attack on Lesandro also cast a spotlight on the brutality and structure of the Trinitarios, a gang that provides protection to members in prison and funds its operation with drug-dealing on the streets and behind bars. It is known for its violence, with leaders willing to mete out punishment against their fellow Trinitarios by giving a “greenlight” to attack those who violate the gang’s laws. Junior, as he was known to friends and relatives, had participated in the New York Police Department’s Explorer program. He had wanted to become a detective, his mother said.CreditDemetrius Freeman for The New York Times “They are vicious,” said Chris Ryan, a former Manhattan gang prosecutor. “What we saw in that video is par-for-the-course Trinitario.” The Trinitarios trace their roots back nearly three decades, to the simultaneous jailing of Leonides Sierra and Julio Marine, both Dominicans, on separate murder charges on Rikers Island. Harassed by gangs, the two men — known on the street as “Junito” and “Caballo” — founded the Trinitarios in 1993, “for protection inside the jails,” said Detective Paul Jeselson, an expert on Bronx gangs. They named the group for three revolutionaries of the Dominican Republic and adopted their home country’s motto — “Dios, patria, y libertad,” which means “God, homeland and liberty.” They established gang colors: red, white and blue for its flag, and lime green for their homeland. Most notoriously, the gang was armed with a symbolic agrarian tool: the machete.

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