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Astrology Of The July 12 Solar Eclipse: A Light In The Darkness

matthew currie astrology july 12 2018 eclipse As many of you may know, Pluto has been hovering at or around 20 degrees Capricorn for a couple of years now. And for many of you the last couple of years have been a very difficult time, a seemingly uphill struggle against fate and circumstance. And if this transit has you in a pessimistic state of mind, it’s not going to help any knowing that Pluto will be joined there by Saturn at the end of 2019. To you, I offer some astrological gold: hope. “We cannot yet see how deliverance will come…” The Sun, Moon and Pluto during this Eclipse are both receiving very helpful and positive aspects from transiting Jupiter and Neptune. Think about that for a second, and think about all the things that may have gone wrong with your life in the last couple of years. Jupiter and Neptune. Hope and Faith. To many of you that’ll sound like an oversimplification, and you might be right.

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